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You are entering... the Positive Marketing Zone

The Power of Positive Marketing

Every time we – as authors - post, blog or comment on a social media site, we are performing an act of marketing. As an author you should keep that in mind and make sure what others see posted by you and how they perceive that post - marketing - is being controlled and directed by you.

Authors should always maintain a separate Facebook page, website, Google+, Twitter account etc. from a personal account. What is posted on the author pages must always be the authors' marketing best interest. What an author desires to do with any post, blog or comment is to effect Positive Marketing, that is, to impress those who visit your website or Facebook page or check out your Tweets with positive reinforcement of your brand… you!

Here’s a great example of marketing that isn’t in the best interest of the author – even though they posted it about themselves.

In reference to a book signing that this particular author participated in he wrote;

“Unfortunately, we were scheduled at the same time as (Name of famous author) so turn out wasn’t as great as expected…”

If that was the case, why would an author want to tell the world about that? Simply saying you had a great book singing without the negative words used to describe it would have been Neutral Marketing and left the reader of this post with a Positive or Neutral impression of the event. The way this author worded the post, the readers' mind is filled with images of an empty book signing with the author stuck behind a table, playing on his smart phone. Is that what the author really intended his readers to imagine?

Another author posted this on Facebook;

“We have some exciting events with local authors for the upcoming B-Fest! Hope to see you there :)”

This post leaves the reader of the comment to fill in his/her own mind with an image of “exciting events.” Positive Marketing. In this post;

“I was tagged by [authors' name ] still can't believe I made her list. Made my day!"

Did the author write “still can’t believe I made her list…” because she doesn’t’ think that she’s good enough to be on it? I don’t know and neither will anyone else. The author should have directed the marketing of this comment by writing;

“I’m so proud to be on this list of other wonderful award winning and bestselling authors.”

And in doing so, associated herself with positive images of bestselling and award winning authors. Positive Marketing.

It only takes a moment to misdirect the reader of your posts, blogs or comments into the negative zone. Reread what you are writing about your brand making sure to place it in the... the Positive Marketing zone.

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