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Praise for books by Richard Devin:

[A] beguiling combination of romance and murder. Is the Crown Prince of England really Jack the Ripper? His wife would certainly like to know....and so will you." - Diana Gabaldon, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Skillful blend of romance and terror. Don't miss this." F. Paul Wilson, New York Times Bestselling Author and creator of Repairman Jack.

"A plot with all kinds of twists and turns. A keeper!" Heather Graham, New York Times Bestselling Author

Devin is the USA Best Book award winning author of The Third Hour. His stories have been included in the Never Fear anthology series as well as in the Romantic Times: Vegas anthologies. Other titles include: Ripper - A Love Story, Tales from the Casting Couch and Glory - A Nation Morns. He has been a contributing writer to Southern Nevada Equestrian Magazine and Envy Man magazine. Non Fiction titles include: Actors' Resumes: The Definitive Guidebook, Do You Want To Be An Actor? 101 Answers to Your Questions About Breaking Into the Biz and Stop Saying Yes - Negotiate which has become the "go to" guide for major companies and their negotiating teams.

He received the Foundation for the Vital Arts Award for his plays: Deceptive Peace and My Mother's Coming and is an optioned screenwriter. His thriller The Third Hour is currently in development for a feature film.

A Champion Equestrian, he competes in Dressage and Show Jumping with his Oldenburg partner Immerjoy (Emmy).

New & Noteworthy

Even Jack the Ripper had a lover...

A beguiling combination of romance and murder.
Diana Gabaldon, New York Times Best Selling Author

Fantastic read! I love this book . . . a true keeper!
Heather Graham, New York Times Best Selling Author​

Don't miss this.
F. Paul Wilson New York Times Best Selling Author, creator of Repairman Jack

New York Times Bestselling Author, Heather Graham,

“The Third Hour is an amazing read. What a debut this will make.”

USA Best Book Award 2016

Uncharted Worlds—an exciting new speculative fiction series featuring bestselling and award-winning authors. These ten mind-boggling adventures include tales of ancient aliens, other worlds, and imagined futures. Join authors Michael A. Stackpole, Matthew Costello, F. Paul Wilson, Thomas F. Monteleone and others as they take you on a thrilling ride from the inner and outer edges of our universe and from the past to the future in: Uncharted Worlds—Xeno Encounters

You Can Become a Better Negotiator

Stop Saying Yes - Negotiate! is the perfect "on the go" guide for all negotiations. This easy-to-read, practical guide will enable you to quickly identify the other side's tactics and strategies allowing you to defend yourself ensuring a better negotiation for your side and theirs.

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